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Edama's Presence at MEFMA UAE

Edama, a sustainability and facility management leader in Qatar, has significantly contributed to elevating standards in the United Arab Emirates through active engagement with the Middle East Facility Management Association (MEFMA).

Edama's commitment to excellence is showcased through its participation in MEFMA events. Attending conferences, seminars, and workshops enables them to stay updated on industry trends, share insights, and connect with peers.

Edama's dedication to sustainable facility management aligns with MEFMA's vision for a greener future. Leveraging MEFMA events for networking, Edama has successfully connected with industry professionals, fostering collaborations and partnerships. This not only enhances Edama's position but also contributes to the growth of the facility management in the region

Edama's impactful presence at MEFMA UAE reflects its commitment to excellence, sustainability, and collaborative growth in facility management. Together with MEFMA, Edama is shaping a resilient and sustainable future for the industry.


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